The Flying Squad Flyball Club

Thank you for your interest in flyball!

Flying Squad is a flyball club based out of Surrey, BC, Canada.

Flyball is a fun and exciting relay-race sport for dogs of all breeds & mixes.  Four dogs per team run a 51' course over four hurdles to a box that is spring-loaded with a tennis ball.  The dog jumps on the box to release the ball, catches it in his/her mouth and races back to the owner/handler.

To see a 10 minute video of flyball in action, click here. 

Flyball is a great interactive sport for you and your dog which will channel your dog's energy in a positive way.

If your dog has lots of energy, loves to chase a ball and needs a fun task to keep busy, flyball could be the answer!

Please email us or reach us through Facebook if you have any questions, or to arrange a Flyball Assessment for your dog. 


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