The Flying Squad Flyball Club

Once per month, The Flying Squad invites people interested in flyball to come to one of our practices to introduce their dogs to the sport.  Typically, the assessment day is the last Saturday of the month, however, this day can fluctuate based on availability.  Please Contact Us to find out when our next Flyball Assessment date will be. 

During the practice, we will do a couple of ‘new dog’ training exercises and a very high level assessment of your dog for flyball potential.  In some cases, we may need to see your dog a second time to get a really good sense of his potential.

After the initial assessment, we may offer a training period for a reasonable fee. This training period will get you started on flyball skills for you and your dog and will allow us to thoroughly learn the best fit for you both in the flyball world.

There are many flyball clubs in the Lower Mainland – the goal of the flyball assessment is to help find the right club for you. Our training period will give you an excellent start in the sport of flyball and will get you on your way to finding the perfect club to fit your interest level and availability.

Whether it’s The Flying Squad or one of the other many clubs, we want to make sure you will end up where you would be the happiest!



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