The Flying Squad Flyball Club

In Memory of our beloved pets who have already crossed the Rainbow Bridge

 Name:  Cooper (aka Scooby Doo)  December 2008 - January 2015

Owner/Handler:  Cameron & Shana Bow  Breed:  Border Collie  G ender:  Male           Best Time:  4.13

Cooper was rescued from the Vancouver Animal Shelter.  He was a joyful dog - he did everything with enthusiasm.  He loved the beach, the lake, the desert (despite cactus issues), playing with other dogs, tennis balls, playing with the bath water as it comes from the tap and most of all he LOVED to snuggle - sleeping  between mom & dad and having 'Upside Down Time'.  Cooper enjoyed flyball but it was only one of his many interests.  He was an avoid mouse/ratter, enjoyed the odd 'flatten the toad' game and he 'loved' the towel after a bath.

Cooper was taken from us suddenly and remains a devastating loss.  He is deeply missed and always will be.  He was very special - the heart dog of both of us.  He made our hearts swell with love all the time.

Name:  Nixe

Birthdate: 2001     Owner/Handler:  Marie Seder     Breed:  Australian Cattle Dog     Gender:  Female

Nixe loved Flyball and pink stuffed animals.  Her favourite treats were Zukes peanut butter & raw bones.  When she first started training, she bit the box for not giving her a ball when she did a correct box turn.  Nixe is an Iron Dog!

Name:  Sprite     Birthdate: May 5, 1998     Owner/Handler:  Mark Hartley     Breed:  Border Collie

Gender:  Female

Sprite was my once-in-a-lifetime dog. She always gave me 100% and that’s all you can ever ask. She competed at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge in Pamona, San Francisco and St Louis. Her flyball highlights: Running her fastest time at the age of seven. Going head-to-head with Rocket Relay's lead dog at the Purina Farms in St Louis and actually beating him once. Not bad for a 30lb runt of the litter. I’m very proud of her.

Tassie  -  RIP June 3, 2011, age 16

Tassie took over my life from the moment she arrived - I became a tennis pro - my hiking skills could not be surpassed - she took me out in all kinds of weather and discovered lots of off leash areas - my command of dog language is top notch - she has different bark for every demand.  She earned the right to slow down in her advancing years, however, in her prime, Tassie was an extremely athletic dog who was a fast Flyball dog with a great swimmers turn (that she taught herself).  She did agility and could clear a five foot fence if a ball was on the other side. My favorite story about her is a day we were visiting my parents who had 10 Shelties!! Tassie found a ball and was driving us crazy - I put the ball on the fridge - Tassie came back with another - I put it on the fridge - she disappeared and came back with another - my parents live on an acre of land - by the end of the visit we had 21 tennis balls on the top of the fridge - Tennis Anyone? 


Tassie will be greatly missed by Vikki Khayat.

Name:  Georgia     Birthdate: 2000     Owner/Handler:  Niels Nielsen & Tamara Robertson

Breed:  Jack Russell Terrier     Gender:  Female     NAFA Points:   60, 373!!!!   

Georgia achieved her 60,000 point level in May 2010.  She loved balls, sticks and liver treats.  Georgia was the 'undercover police' of the household and growled at anything within 10 feet of the bed.  Even when Georgia was 'retired', she still enjoyed playing flyball once in awhile.

Jake Bow (aka Jigger Dog)


RIP February 7, 2009, age 14


Jake was never a flyball dog - preferring to hang on Madison's tail rather than chase a ball, but he was a super companion and great friend.  He is sadly missed by Shana and Cam.

Madison Bow


RIP August 20, 2006, age 15


Madison was her dad's first love.  Playing flyball back before anyone knew what they were doing, it took her 2 years to earn 500 points but she did love it anyway!  Also sadly missed by Cam and Shana.

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