The Flying Squad Flyball Club

Name:  Keeper

Birthdate:  June 22, 2007

Owner/Handler:  Mark Hartley

Breed:  Border/Border/Jack

Gender:  Male

First tourny:  November 2008

Best Time:  3.87

NAFA Points:  Click & Enter CRN # 080716



Keeper is the offspring of a Sprite/Dice breeding and was born at home.  Keeper continues to be a work in progress. He shows great potential in practice and has made great strides in recent tournaments. I would like to see Keeper running consistent 3:8’s and would eventually like to see the odd 3:7 run. The box turn is Keeper's weak spot and we always must always remind him to get those back feet on the box. Keeper loves to go for his daily walks and loves to stalk jumping fish with his daddy (Dice) at our cabin in the Cariboo.   

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