The Flying Squad Flyball Club

Name:  Keno

Birthdate:  April 7, 2005

Owner/Handler:  Vikki Khayat

Breed:  BC, Jack Russell & Border Terrier

Gender:  Female

First tourny:  June 2005

Best Time:  tba

NAFA Points:  Click & Enter CRN # 060730

Housemates:  Jade & Tassie



Keno is a fun dog - her love is flyball and retrieving anything that is thrown.  Of course, in her youth, the tug thing was rather painful to go through but she is much more discerning these days.  She loves to romp with her three housemates.  One of my favourite memories is watching her pull my 45lb BC across the floor by the scruff of the neck (Keno weighs 20lbs).

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