The Flying Squad Flyball Club

Name:  Lola

Birthdate:  December 2009

Owner/Handler:  Jacqueline & Jessica Buchler

Breed:  Jack Russell Terrier

Gender:  Female

First tourny:  March 2012

Best Time:  4.78

NAFA Points:  Click & Enter CRN # 120509



Lola is a very energetic and loving Jack Russell Terrier.  She loves to run around, eat sticks, and she is a big cuddle bug!  Most of all though Lola loves balls, maybe a little too much, and that is why she now LOVES Flyball!  Once she sees where we are going she immediately gets excited and can't wait to get running around! She continues to keep us entertained and we know she will fit in and learn a lot from the Flying Squad!

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