The Flying Squad Flyball Club


The Flying Squad is a competitive and successful flyball team due to our dedicated team members all striving to reach the same goals.

We hold practices twice per week – one weeknight practice and one on Saturday morning. We don't practice the week following a tournament.    We typically have a Christmas hiatus.

The Flying Squad participates in 6 – 10 tournaments per year.

To be invited as a member of The Flying Squad, you should be available and willing to practice at least once per week as well as attend most local tournaments.

Members pay a low monthly membership fee, plus a share of the entry fee for each tournament which is pro-rated to the amount your dog raced.

The Flying Squad hosts 1 tournament per year. Members would be expected to make a reasonable effort to attend and assist in organizing and setting up the club-hosted tournaments.

Members share in the work of setting up and taking down practice equipment.

At some of our club-hosted tournaments, The Flying Squad provides a Raffle Table for fundraising for the club and all members contribute prizes for this event.


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