The Flying Squad Flyball Club

Name:  Molly

Birthdate:  August 20, 2006

Owner/Handler:  Cameron & Shana Bow

Breed:  Border Collie

Gender:  Female

First tourny:  December 2007

Best Time:  3.75

NAFA Points:  Click & Enter CRN # 080124



Molly lives for flyball.  Actually, any game with a ball will do - and frisbee is ok too!  She eats as fast as she runs.  Next to flyball,  chasing the hose water is her favourite thing to do.  Molly can tell time and she always lets us know when it is 7:30am or 5:30pm (mealtime!).  Molly loves the treadmill!  She will walk along side us in addition to walking on it by herself. 

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