The Flying Squad Flyball Club

Name:  Russell (aka The Big Black Bus)

Birthdate:  2003?

Owner/Handler:  Niels Nielsen & Tamara Robertson

Breed:  Border Collie

Gender:  Male

First tourny:  April 2005

Best Time:  3.9 something

NAFA Points:  Click & Enter CRN # 050784

Housemates:  Tumble, Thora & Dexter



Russell is go-to flyball dog who never makes a mistake.  He runs solid low-4s all day and never tires.  He loves anything you can throw and his fave treat is Kobe beef.  He was at his funniest when he got a bag of chips stuck on his head but couldn't get it off, so he went to bed with it still on there.  He is also part shark, constantly moving.

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