The Flying Squad Flyball Club

Name:  Salishan Tantrum

Birthdate:  April 2003

Owner/Handler:  Lois Clough

Breed:  Jack Russell Terrier

Gender:  Male

First tourny:  June 2005

Last tourny: December 2011

Best Time:  n/a

NAFA Points:  18,710

Housemates:  Dragon


Tantrum is a rather odd duck.  As a puppy, this strong and handsome boy was shy and wary of anyone he didn't know - especially men.  Lois was determined to show this terrier but somehow he had to becom confident and used to being handled by strangers.  Flyball was the answer.  Tantrum started coming to practices and we discovered hi ball drive was absolutely over the top - he'd do anything for a ball!  So during the training process, he was handled by everyone in the club and and he blossomed with the exposure, gaining confidence and learning to love the game.  Now 'Tanner' is handled by everyone in the club, he loves his flyball friends and he is knows as the 'steady Eddie' of the crowd.  He's not very speedy but he is methodical and reliable and that has value on any team.  Tantrum's happiest moments are when he is hanging with his flyball family.



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