The Flying Squad Flyball Club

Bente: has been a member of The Flying Squad since 2004. Bente is owner of Tumble, Thora and Dexter. Bente’s husband, David, is the main caretaker of the dogs and owner of Russell. Bente spoils her dogs, especially Tumble, whom she loves to race. Thora and Russell are great team dogs and can be run in any position by anyone. Dexter is the troublemaker in the family but he is showing signs of getting closer to racing.

Cam and Shana: We met The Flying Squad in 2007 after Cam spotted them practicing in a park during a ball tournament & he ran over to check it out between games.  We are parents to flyball dogs Molly & Cooper.  Cam used to play flyball many years ago with his first dog, Madison and so had a bit of previous experience.  I am an anomoly in the flyball community - someone active within the team, but prefer not to run a dog.  I am a good side-line supporter and always available for boxloading, ball-shagging or other miscellaneous tasks.

Jacqueline & Jessica: We're a daughter/mother team who joined the Flying Squad in March of 2012, with our Jack Russell Terrier, Lola.  She is full of energy and just loves running and chasing after the ball.  We love competition and are very competitive and hope Lola is very successful with this team.  The people and the dogs are great and we are so lucky to be part of such an amazing team!!

Marie:  Is a long-time Flying Squad member and is the proud owner of cattle dogs Emma and Zach.  Marie is a great team player who will be at every tournament to run dogs, boxload, help with Raffle tables or timing tables - she is a good 'utility player'. 

Mark: is obsessive about flyball and has been playing since 1993.  He is an extremely dedicated teammate and very knowledgeable about flyball training.  Mark will go to almost any lengths to play flyball - he even used to belong to a team in the US and would commute regularly from the North Shore to attend practices.  Mark is our expert flyball ring 'setter upper' - he is never far from a measuring tape and a roll of duct tape.  He is also one of the club trainers.

Mark is an integral part of The Flying Squad and we are very lucky to have him.

Tamara and Niels: We have been playing flyball with The Flying Squad since 1998.  Together we have trained and run five of our own dogs – Sir Rudy (Cairn/Poodle), Salishan Georgia (JRT), Salishan Twist (JRT), Keen-Eye Russell (Border Collie) and Lyra’s Dark Materials (Border/Jack). We have also been very active in helping to train and run many of the dogs on the club over the years. On April 2nd, 2009 Rendall Beck Nielsen joined the ever-growing family and we hope one day he will have his very own dog to run.

Vikki is a devoted flyball fan and has been part of The Flying Squad since its inception and was playing flyball long before then as well.  Vikki is one of the team's most dedicated players - rarely missing a practice or tournament regardless of whether her dog is running or not.  With her years of experience, Vikki is definitely a huge asset to the club - she is definitely a 'git 'er done' kinda gal!!

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