The Flying Squad Flyball Club

For flyball training, we have some recommendations.

New dogs are trained in multiple short bursts and in between turns are kept in the car, therefore we recommend that you invest in a crate.  Normally calm & collected dogs love flyball so much, they get very excited when waiting.  A crate will eliminate potential damage to your vehicle.  Crates are also used at tournaments as a safe calm place for your dog to hang out between races.

The multiple short bursts of training for new dogs are spaced out over the course of a 2-hour practice.  Veteran flyball dogs train for one session per practice.

When it isn't your dog's turn for training, you will not be bored because flyball training is not only for dogs but for the humans as well.  In addition to being taught how to run your own dog, you will learn how to boxload, call passes, when & how to use training props, release a dog and much more!

Another recommendation is to teach your dog the 'tug game'.  Many dogs love tugging and this is a key component to flyball.  We use braided fleece 'rope' as a tug-toy which is presented to your dog as the greatest game of all.  That tug game is the 'reward' for your dog successfully bringing the ball to you during the race.  It's a good idea to start teaching your dog to love tugging before starting training, but we can also show you how to do it at practice.

Very basic ball & tug training can begin as early as 6-8 weeks, however, your dog will not be able to begin learning the true mechanics of flyball until appx 6 months of age.  Between 6 - 12 months of age, the training is low-impact to protect your pup's joints and growth plates.  It is also for this reason that dogs under one year of age are not allowed to compete in flyball tournaments.

Training for flyball can take 8 to 24+ months.  The length of time to train does not indicate whether your dog will be good at flyball.  Many dogs that take longer to learn the game turn out to be awesome flyball dogs!

Dogs in training generally haven't figured out what the end game is yet and think the training itself is the greatest fun there is.  Flyball dogs love practice just as much as they love tournaments and your dog will be having a blast and getting physical and mental exercise during the learning curve.

And so will you!  Flyball training involves running for the people as well as the dogs.  Wear running shoes as you will be running with your dog for many of our training exercises. 

Our final recommendation is to get some earplugs as flyball involves a lot of happy excited loudly barking dogs.  Whether at practice or tournaments, you won't regret having earplugs handy.

If you have any further questions about flyball training, please contact us.


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